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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 14, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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for assistance. i'm andrea mccarren. i'll tell you why he needs your help. a springfield attorney fired from a large arlington law firm is accused of carrying out violent revenge with her husband who is also a lawyer. thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. police say andrew and alecia schmuhl committed a terrifying home invasion and stabbing leaving the victims for dead. peggy fox is in court for alecia schmuhl's bond hearing today. >> reporter: the commonwealth attorney calls it a torture session. he says andrew schmuhl and his wife retaliated against her dismissal from a law firm. holding the managing partner of the law firm and his wife hostage for hours and stabbing them multiple times. it started with a knock at the door sunday night at this mclean hope. police say 31-year-old andrew schmuhl forced his way inside and then tased, handcuffed and reportedly stabbed the homeowners, leo fisher and his wife striking mr. fisher in his
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head, neck and shoulders. fisher is a managing partner at one of the largest law firms in northern virginia. >> thank god they're alive. >> reporter: commonwealth attorney ray morrogh argued against giving alecia schmuhl bond today. >> we took the position she's a danger to the community and we were grateful to the many members of the firm involved present in court were also grateful. >> reporter: he said she was seen stand is outside with her husband before the attack and then drove the get-away car after the victims triggered their alarm system some three hours into the ordeal. the schmuhls live here in springfield. after a lookout went out for their honda suv sunday night, police found them here at springfield plaza. the commonwealth attorney says andrew schmuhl was covered in blood and completely naked except for the diaper he was wearing. some of the items seized from the schmuhl's car, two pairs of handcuffs, a taser gun with
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cart ridges, a switch blade knife and a .38 automatic pistol. andrew schmuhl fired a gun toward mr. fisher's wife. a bullet was found in the ceiling. >> i believe they're doing much better. >> reporter: both schmuhls are charged with two counts of abduction and malicious wounding and are held without bond in. fairfax peggy fox, wusa9. we're following some breaking news from prince william county where we just learned the fourth suspect in the murder of brenden wilson is now in custody. 17-year-old dion moses surrendered earlier today. three other suspects are already behind bars in monday's murder of that woodbridge teenager. we're enduring some of the cold he is weather we've seen this season. -- coldest weather we've seen this season. >> more of it is on the way. >> we'll start now and look ahead, temperatures now running 15, almost 20 degrees below average. it's 40 downtown, but it's 30s
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everywhere else. that's the temperature you can expect when you go outside, 36 manassas, 34 in leesburg, gaithersburg, 32 in winchester. we have a perfect recipe for a cold night, clear skies, calm winds and looking at a very dry air mass. 8:00 tonight temps essentially below freezing north and west of town and downtown in the mid- to upper 30s. by 10:00 we're 30 in gaithersburg, leesburg, but look at culpeper and orange in the upper 20s already. by midnight tonight, still upper 20s, manassas, leesburg and gaithersburg, 34 downtown. then by 8:00 tomorrow morning we're still below freezing. so these soccer games tomorrow, if you have to spectate the kids, it's going to be cold, hat, gloves, the whole bit. not any wind. the winds will subside is the only good news. 36 at 10:00. by lunchtime we're only in the low 40s pretty much across the
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board. dress for the for the terps game, still chilly on sunday but dry, cold rain heading back to the workweek and the coldest air of the season rolls in next tuesday. we'll tell you how cold in a couple minutes. friends and family of uva so of march hannah graham are holding a sell -- sophomore hannah graham are holding a celebration of her life today. jesse matthew is charged with sexually assaulting a woman back in 2005. next he'll be sent back to the albemarle regional jail for a december 4th hearing in the graham case. today a judge sentenced a d.c. heroin dealer to 25 years for the overdose of 16-year-old emily lanzac. antwon thorn apparently sold the smack that the mclean girl and group of friends played with or dealt with last year.
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she lost consciousness after taking the drug and died the next morning. extreme anxiety for the family of a surgeon out of new carrollton maryland who has been infected with ebola in his native sierra leone. dr. martin salia will be evacuated by the u.s. government to a hospital in omaha, nebraska, that according toly family. his 20-year-old son said his father is nothing sort of a hero. >> so he knew what he was going in for. he said it was because this was a falling, that he has this as a calling from god this is what he was meant to do. >> salia divides his time between visiting his wife and two sons in new carrollton and working as the medical director in the kissy hospital of his native town sierra leone. he'll be the sixth u.s. medic worker back home for treatment. so far all have survived. clinical trials of an ebola treatment begins next month in west africa. doctors without borders announced the trials that will
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take place in three centers in guinea and liberia. the recent outbreak has infected more than 14,000 people and killed more than 5,000 so far. the u.s. secret service says it's making changes after an intruder entered the executive mansion. two members of the emergency response team had omar gonzalez in their rifle sights, but they did not use lethal force because he appeared unarmed. for security reasons authorities would not go into detail about the changes at the white house. loudoun county public schools could be the first in the commonwealth to charge students to ride the bus if state lawmakers give the okay. school districts are currently not allowed to charm for transportation. they have to first get permission from legislators in richmond. last year a $38 million shortfall caused the school board to eliminate some after school activity and this year may not be any better. >> all we're asking them to do
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is sort of untie our hands to give us additional tool in assist us in dealing with budgets issues. budgets-- budget issues. >> i don't like that at all. i think that's a terrible idea. i think we pay enough as it is. >> i don't know too many parents okay with paying for it. >> the school board would look to something perhaps as an annual fee. $180 comes out to the low understand for a student about, 50 cents a right. right now president obama is in australia for the annual economic summit. he touched down in brisbane two hours ago where he'll hold talks with leaders of russia and china and other industrialized nations. earlier today he spoke with the opposition leader of myanmar who spent 15 years under house arrest for challenging the country's rulers. she has risen through the parliament fighting for reform
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and hopes to run for president next year. >> it's time for the voice of the people of burma to be heard in a fair free transparent election. >> as it stands now, she's barred from running for president because of a constitutional clause that prohibits candidates whose spouse or children are foreign citizens. her late husband was british and her two sons are british citizens. the washington national cathedral is called the spiritual home of the nation. so how come some folks had a problem for people gathering there are for prayer. >> here's your chance to get 500 bucks worth of groceries from giant foods. to enter or win the wusa9 grocery card give-away, head over to our wusa9 facebook page. li
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the first ever muslim prayer service at the washington national cathedral went relatively smoothly today. >> with one exception. >> reporter: i'm debra alfarone at the washington national cathedral where today was the first ever muslim prayer service. it went pretty smoothly with just one exception. >> jesus christ is our lord and savior. >> reporter: these pictures show security escorting a woman who is not a friend of this service. once outside she held this
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sign. >> we've allowed the muslims to put in mosques in our towns and cities. why can't they worship there? don't they have enough there? >> reporter: this service attended by about 150 muslims was born after south african ambassador ibrahim rasul met with city leaders while planning the service for mandela. >> there's a lot of conflict in the world and cop tension about religious issues right now. >> reporter: a peaceful day for the most part and for the one who interrupted and those who threatened to the ambassador says this. >> the provocation has not only come from the christian right, but also from the muslim right and i would feel that we had failed in the middle ground was not able to protect in the extremes. i think for the first time the middle ground has flexed its muscle. >> that was debra alfarone
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reporting. on a whole different subject if you're going to a terps game, top says you may really want to bundle up. he's serious about this. the weekend forecast vyj
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only on 9 tonight a wounded
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warrior who has squiffied so much for his country now strag -- sacrificed so much for his country now struggling to find grant money for a handicapped home. >> as andrea mccarren reports, apparently this sergeant isn't considered injured enough to qualify for the help he needs. >> september 29th, 2012, i was shot five times. >> reporter: he was inexplicably ambushed by the afghan army members he and his unit were training. he spent six months at walter reed and endured 78 surgeries. he was awarded the purple heart for his bravery. >> it's hard because it kind of feels like my sacrifice wasn't great enough. >> reporter: when franz and his wife shannon applied for financial help to be a handicapped accessible home,
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the couple was rejected by at least five organizations. >> they act like getting shot five time wasn't enough because you didn't step on an iud. you didn't lose extremities. >> reporter: so why has this military couple fallen through the cracks and what can you do to help? andrea's full report is tonight at 11:00. know on the go, text radar to 25543 and download the wusa9 weather app. >> our friend is trying to decide whether he goes out to bike tomorrow or whether he stays inside. >> i could stay inside. >> you mean if he's man enough to go bike tomorrow. >> i didn't say that. >> i'll say it. are you? >> probably not. >> no wind tomorrow. >> that's a help. >> by 10:00 it's going to be in the low to mid-30s if that has any bearing on your decision there. >> it could have bearing.
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>> let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, so weird to see the capitol dome shrouded in scaffolding and i wouldn't climb up there for all the tea in china. temperature, still 40 downtown, wind northwest at 13, humidity only 33%. so this is a very dry air mass and with clear skies and winds dying down, it's a perfect night to get really cold. 36 currently, chevy chase, arlington, 35 in reston and fairfax. temperatures are falling like crazy, low 30s already in white oak and even 35 in waldorf, bowie. it's getting cold everywhere. so hat, gloves and winter coat tonight. believe me, it's not overkill, still cold tomorrow but not windy and tomorrow will be the sunnier of the two weekend days. very cold for the terps tomorrow night, 30s, still not windy. a lot of clouds but dry and chilly sunday. dry at fedex but need a coat there, too. temperatures by midnight on the futurecast 20s tonight, upper
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20s, leesburg, gaithersburg, manassas, 28 in culpeper, low to mid-30s downtown. by 8:00 in the morning looking at low 30s about everywhere, again not windy, but that's a pretty cold start saturday. by 9:30, 10:00 still low to mid- 30s. by 1:00 we get into the low 40s. remember our average high is still 59. this is nowhere near average. by 3:30 temperatures mid-40s downtown, low 40s in the suburbs. they fall quickly tomorrow night at first. by 6:00 tomorrow they'll fall back to the mid- to upper 30s, but cloud will come back from the southwest, keep temperatures up a little bit tomorrow night. still plenty cold. by 10:00 33 gaithersburg, leesburg and 32 in manassas. so tonight clear skies, very cold. i think the coldest so far in terms of across the board. 24 to 32, winds die down
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northwest at 10. by morning 24 to 42, winds still northwest at 10 and by afternoon mostly sunny, seasonably coldhighs near 45, notice the winds turning south west at 10. that's a little warmer wind, so to speak. break this down, even downtown talking low 30s to start, 41 by 11:00 and 43 by 1:00. next three days we got 41 with mostly cloudy skies sunday and then 46 monday with a cold rain, could end as snow flurries late monday night into early tuesday. the forecast with the football game, we're looking at temperatures 45 to 50, chilly. you still need a coat. the next seven days we're looking at temperatures behind this system on monday even colder, upper 30s tuesday and wednesday. that's even colder than we're experiencing now, near 50 thursday with sunshine and 45 on friday. we'll be right
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now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> your high schooler and still playing football this time of year, your team is one of the lucky ones. remember this. when the weather chills, it's time for playoff thrills. i just made that up. let's head to the frigid streets of gaithersburg. holden kushner braving the elements tonight. >> reporter: thank you. we're here at quince orchard high school in gaithersburg. they call it the cougar dome, but we are outside the elements. it's quince orchard and clarkbsurg tonight, the
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regional playoff game with over 32,000 votes making this our game of the week. as we have the quince orchard cheerleaders and pom squad behind me. now these two teams took each other on early in the year to rematch the season opener in september. quince orchard eked out a three- point win against the coyotes in that one. clarkbsurg is rallying to finish the year 7-3. both coaches expect tonight to be just as tough as week one. >> now it's just one game at a time, a one game season. we can't look ahead, play a really good clarkbsurg team tonight. they're well coached, run the football well. they do a lot of little things very well. so it's going to be a tough game, but we're not looking ahead. just got to take care of business tonight and see what happens. >> we played a very intense first week game with quince orchard. they got us by three points. we're hoping for another game like that tonight, just hopefully maybe we'll be on the other side of the scoreboard
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this time. >> reporter: tune in at 11:25 for highlights of this game and three other match-ups. you can follow along the action on twitter @gameonvarsity and use the #varsitypics. lady, let's send it back to dave in the studio. >> back to you, dave! >> reporter: for wusa9 sports, i'm holden kushner. >> what? >> they said back to you, dave. it's time to rock the rawhide, hoops season. navy is hosting michigan state tonight. i love my school, but the only way the mids keep it close is if the navy seals suit up. maryland with a muchup a little less -- match-up a little less. this new team is being built from scratch.
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maryland has played two new exhibitions. turgeon was asked how far along his team is. >> we're nowhere near where we're going to be, but we're pretty good. i can't remember where we were with those other teams. feel pretty good about opening night. >> i think one thing i notice about this team is everyone is willing to play within the system. that's going to be great for us, not just right now but even down the road. >> here's the five who have hit the turtle trail, as we like to call it. seth allen, maryland losing about 30 points per game in those transfers. turgeon certainly under the gun. michigan state basketball in annapolis tonight, michigan state football in college park tomorrow and spartans will be ticked off after getting bulldozed last week against ohio state. remember, no stefan diggs either, good luck, maryland. >> i know they bring a lot of people in the box. they'll try and take the run
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away. we'll have to throw the ball well to win. the guys on the outside, the receivesser will have to play -- the receivers will have to play well, i'm going to have to lay well and the o line. we're looking forward to that challenge. >> only an 11 point spread. we're beginning to see baseball teams might offseason moves. remember the nats still trying to lock up ian desmond, so a lot going on, high school football tonight. >> they're going to be cold this weekend. >> kneel be all right. >> the michigan teams are used to that stuff. >> true. >> that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> while be back with jan jeffcoat for your only local news at 7:00. we'll see you then. have a
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>> pelley: tonight, america's crumbling nuclear arsenal. david martin on broken equipment, ancient phones and crews forced to share a single wrench to service 450 missiles. >> reporter: how do the air crews manage with just one wrench? >> pelley: thunder snow and record cold, meteorologist eric fisher says part two of the arctic blast could be even worse. a major university suspends all fraternity andçó sorority activities afterñrçó an incident leads to a student's death. juliana goldman reports. and steve hartman on the road with jason brown, who quit the n.f.l. t tackle a new field. so you learned how


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